Welcome to Karim Mokhtar’s site. Mr. Mokhtar is a Carthaginian-American serial web entrepreneur from California and Silicon Valley insider. For the past 18 years, he has been working on innovating and promoting businesses worldwide, launching new projects, and educating sales professionals and CEOs on B2B Sales Intelligence. He held multiple C-level, director-level, and advisor positions for companies in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Europe, and the MENA region.

When working on something other than business matters, it is usually one of the activities and projects below.


Mr. Mokhtar is currently the CEO and founder of Mokhtar Group Inc. and holds an advisor role with a few companies. 


Author of over 10 books in the areas of fantasy, science fiction, ancient history, linguistics, philosophy, cosmology, and business intelligence.


A published comic book artist and graphic novelist. His works were promoted on Tunisian television for the first time at 12.


One of the first metal bands in Tunisia was founded by Mr. Mokhtar in the late 90s. He recently composed “Eternal Dream”, the first modern Carthaginian opera.

Science & Philosophy

Researcher and writer of “Mirrors Theory”, a set of ideas and hypothesizes about the cosmos, the multiverse, poly-logics, and consciousness.


Founder of the Republic Of Carthage Movement in Tunisia. A political and cultural movement aiming to revive the ancient republic of Carthage. 


Mr. Mokhtar holds over 40 certifications in technology platforms and software such as Google products, Adobe products, multiple CRM systems, multiple eLearning software, and web development.


Mr. Mokhtar wrote the story of “Hannah of Carthage” which was later on made into a screenplay by International Film Productions, a Hollywood-based company in 2019. The film is still not produced.


Mr. Mokhtar is the founder of Carthagology, a new historical investigation method that focuses on the history of Carthage and the Mediterranean region between the 13th and 1st centuries BC.

Martial Arts

Mr. Mokhtar got his Tae Kwon Do black belt at age 15. He was also a kickboxer under the supervision of the French-Tunisian European champion, Marco Zouari.


Mr. Mokhtar wrote two language books, one about a new method he created to teach Arabic for English speakers, and the other is about the first alphabet in human history. He is highly interested in linguistics and speaks 6 languages.


Mr. Mokhtar is the founder of three non-profit projects: Carthage ABC Soccer Academy of Uganda, SOS Homeless, and No To Discrimination.

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