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Serial web entrepreneur Authored 17+ books Coached 3K+ salespeople Multiple C-level roles Built fortune 100 companies 40+ business and tech certifications Multidisciplinary researcher Political & minorities rights activist Works with 5+ languages |

Karim Mokhtar is a Carthaginian-American serial web entrepreneur and an innovator alchemist. For the past two decades, he has been working on innovating and promoting revolutionary ideas and businesses in Silicon Valley and worldwide.

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Business & Sales

Web entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Mokhtar Group Inc., a Californian corporation with global operations.


Founder of a few corporate centers and EdTech initiatives. He is also the founder of GoToElearning.com.


Karim earned 40+ certifications in cutting-edge technology platforms and founded Centralizen.com and many other tech solutions.


Science & Philosophy

Founder of “Helmas Theory” (AKA. “Mirrors Theory”), a set of novel ideas and frameworks about the nature and dynamics of existence, dimensions, and consciousness.

Ancient History

Founder of “Carthagology,” a method that investigates the history of Carthage and the Mediterranean from the 13th to the 1st centuries BC.

Books & Articles

Author of over 17 books in the areas of sales and business intelligence, education, technology, science, Mediterranean history, and fiction.



Co-founder and board member of organizations including San Francisco Amateur Astronomers, No to Discrimination, the Feeding America organization, Africa Space Institute, and others.


Karim envisions a future where equality, justice, and unity elevate humanity, fostering freedom of thought and consciousness.


Founder of the Republic Of Carthage Movement in Tunisia. A political and intellectual movement aiming to revive the ancient republic of Carthage. 



Karim, an amateur musician, has composed over 100 pieces spanning ambient, classical, and metal genres.


Creator of several graphic novels, two screenplays for film, and a theater play.


Through these personal insights, you’ll get to know the man, discovering the values and relationships that define him.

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